Juliana Fetherman is a woman making apps for people with autism. MAF stands for Making Autism Friendship. Is a app that acts almost like a dating service app. You sign in then you create a profile with an avatar and meet up with people with autism to hang out and have fun. The app provides special tricks and interactions and tips and safety tips when using the app to explore and meet people. Juliana has been inspired to create the app thanks to her younger brother Michael. Michael has struggled to interact with other people even when he was young especially if when he feels different from other kids. The app started out as a website which slowly grew and started to develop into an app. Fetherman hopes that the app will become a way for parents, siblings, and providers of those with special needs to connect, not just for the individuals themselves. She wants parents to be able to chat with one another, share tips and exchange stories and be able to connect with others.

To learn more : https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/22/health/special-needs-friends-app-trnd/index.html

To learn more about MAF : http://www.makingauthenticfriendships.com/

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