This past weekend, InfiniTeach had a chance to participate in a hackathon event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The event brought together members of the disability community, developers, and designers who were interested in using technology to make Chicago (and the world) more accessible for individuals with disabilities.

When members of the disability community spoke, it was clear how life-changing assistive technology could be for their community. Technology has the potential to make arts & cultural events engaging for the Deaf or hard of hearing, or to make a city commute possible for those with limited mobility.

Life-Changing Technology for Our Children with Autism

For our children with autism, InfiniTeach shared how assistive technology can help them learn new skills – not only academic skills, but communication and social skills, and daily living and employment skills. I challenged the crowd to think about making tablets social, from developing two-player, turn-taking games to creating opportunities for social communication with friends.

After spending some time discussing current challenges and potential of technology, the group came together to brainstorm ideas and sketch wireframes. It was inspiring to know that in just 24 hours, there were going to be new, marketable ideas out in the world. And all it took was some whiteboards, lots of caffeinated beverages, and a group of highly motivated people.

Keep checking the ADA25 Hackathon website for updates on And be sure to look for more ADA25 events in your area!

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