As everyone in the autism community knows, today is World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). This one day is an awesome reminder of how many lives are impacted by autism – individuals on the spectrum, their families, educators, therapists, and the community that supports them.

As a sibling of a brother with autism, this one day means more than just awareness. When I look up and see the Chicago skyline bursting in blue, or I see an autism ribbon pinned on a local shopkeeper, I know our autism community extends beyond those directly impacted by autism. For me, this day represents a chance to see just how big our support network can be.

New Initiative for Autism Accessibility:

At InfiniTeach, we're launching a new initiative this April. We want to connect individuals with autism, and their families, to the community around them. So we're challenging businesses to get more autism accessible – today, and every day.

Imagine if every restaurant, every shop, every museum had supports to help individuals with autism engage in the experience. Imagine how welcoming the space would be for the person with autism, and their families. And imagine how far individuals with autism could reach if they were given the right supports to become an integral part of the community.

Helping Businesses Welcome and Support the Autism Community:

This April, InfiniTeach is starting to help businesses build mobile apps that welcome, engage, and support the autism community. These apps include visual schedules and social stories to help reduce anxiety, communication supports to increase independence, and interactive games to ease waiting and help develop social skills. (Know a business that needs an autism app? Let us know!)

We are out to make the world autism accessible, one place at a time – because no one deserves it more than our children and adults on the spectrum. So here's to autism awareness today, and every day!

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