We're counting down the days until our newest, greatest autism app launches! InfiniTeach's Autism Core Skills will be available in October, but just to get you ready for what's to come, we've got some app sneak peeks that we're sharing all September long.

You may have already read about the customized student profiles, the way you can assign in-app homework, or about the automagic data collection. In this post, we'll share a bit about what Autism Core Skills can do for your child – how the interactive social and communication lessons can help teach new skills that reach far beyond the iPad.

Social Lessons:

We want our kids with autism to learn skills that help them engage with others. But how can we use technology – a typically single-player device – to help with this?

Using the iPad as the platform, we're teaching children how to engage with others through two-player games. From learning how to share a game space to playing simultaneously with friends to turn-taking and rule following – our games cover a wide range of skill levels, each one encouraging more interaction.

During the games, our teaching prompts focus on learning how to engage with another person, rather than on accuracy – meaning any child, at any skill level, can begin learning life-changing social interactions.

social skills

Communication Lessons:

Developed to engage children with autism who are both verbal and nonverbal, Autism Core Skills covers a variety of communication skills. Our first set of communication lessons focuses on expressive skills – helping children learn how to share their preferences, ask questions, and stay on topic.

communication skills

Each communication lesson requires a communication partner – an adult or peer who can engage in the lesson, as well. Information is shared back and forth in exchanges that help develop basic communication skills. Building communication skills has never been more structured – or more simple – than with Autism Core Skills!

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