One of the best parts about this job from a marketer's perspective is that I get to read your stories and truly listen to what the autism community has to say. And after going through what feels like a plethora of Facebook posts which consisted of inspirational quotes, autism related articles, and an inside look at the Infiniteam all I can say is what surprised me the most after doing this for so long is that Autism truly has a way of changing a person's life. More so in a sense that it's gives you a chance to see this world from a different perspective. A perspective that is weird, quirky, crazy, and beautiful all at the same time. Truthfully, I can hands down say that there isn't a community out there that is so driven and passionate about supporting individuals with ASD – you all are amazing.

Different Lens, Better View:

I can honestly say didn't know much about autism before InfiniTeach. A lot of what I did know was that one of my family member's had it, but we never talked about it. Yet here I am – talking about it, educating other people about it and learning more about how we all could create a meaningful future for both kids and adults on the autism spectrum. And to be honest – I really want to hear more and read more stories about your kiddos on the spectrum.

So what's your story? How has Autism made an impact on your life?

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