Broadway Actor's Compassion

I always enjoy Broadway performances and musicals. It is a great time getting to watch the actors and actresses dance and sing. Kelvin Moon Loh from the New York Broadway show The King and I shared his experience.

Kelvin was doing a intense scene which has cause an autistic boy to scream and cause a huge interruption which angered a lot of the other audience . Having most people wondering what was the parent thinking and that it was bothersome. But the actor responded differently posting on Facebook saying he was angry and sad because of the audience's response to the child with autism.

Acknowledging a lot of people pay to see him perform but he tells the fact that it's a family- friendly show and that the mother is very brave to show her child to that sort of scene even though people will be angry at her and her child . Everyone is different and even people with autism. You shouldn't let anything bother you and yet have respect for others. It's wonderful to appreciate compassion for others and yet have sympathy.

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