It's coming! Here at InfiniTeach, we're gearing up to launch our next iPad app for children with autism, and we can't wait to share it with you. InfiniTeach's Autism Core Skills app teaches pre-academic, academic, social, and communication skills – all customized for each child's level and interests and all based on best practice autism teaching strategies.

Here's a sneak peek at just a few of the exciting features that are included in this autism app:

Customizable Profiles:

Create a customized profile for each child with autism that will be using the app. These profiles allow you to set a student's picture, turn sounds and images on or off, mark which skills they are working on, and even adjust lessons based on their attention span.

Customizable Profile


InfiniTeach's app motivates your child to learn new skills by incorporating their interests into every lesson. Does your child like animals, food, or sports? Simply select those interests and the app will automagically create lessons just for your child.

Counting Farm

Homework Lessons:

With InfiniTeach's Autism Core Skills, you can share homework lessons on the iPad and share data with another person on your child's team. Assign a math lesson to be completed at home, or send two-player games to be played with a friend at school – it's simple and will help reinforce your child's skills wherever they are!

Homework Lessons TTP

Stayed tuned throughout the month of September for other top features that you need to know about, and watch for the launch of InfiniTeach's Autism Core Skills in early October!

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