Experts in the Autism industry say that integration in a workplace environment is vital for people with Autism for building skills to improve their own quality of life and grow more independent.

Many people with Autism exhibit qualities ranging from heightened memorization, creativity and attention to detail. Employees on the Autism spectrum have proven to significantly contribute to a company and also help increase its range of capabilities.

More and more businesses are leveraging the unique talents of people on the Autism spectrum. Here are some forward-thinking companies that are actively hiring people on the Autism Spectrum.

1. Walgreens – One of the first companies to see the advantage of hiring people on the Spectrum. In 2007, they launched their first pilot program to hire people with Autism in South Carolina, and the program is now practiced around the US.

2. Specialisterne – This company is unique because most of their employees are people on the Autism Spectrum. They work as business and technology consultants that focus their talents on software testing, data entry and programming. Specialisterne operates on project in several countries around the world.

3. The nonPareil Institute – This company is fully dedicated to helping people with Autism with training, employment opportunities, and housing. Their main focus is training high-functioning adults on design & development of video games and mobile apps. The big difference is they provide training based on a pace that each student can effectively manage.

4. The Specialists Guild – A Non-profit social enterprise based out of San Francisco. Their mission is focused on training and career opportunities to help people with Autism earn an income with meaningful and fulfilling work.

5. Microsoft – You may have heard of this company. In early 2015, Microsoft announced that they are launching a pilot program that focuses on hiring more people on the Autism spectrum. Their goal is to greatly improve the diversity in their workplace and provide opportunities for people with unique talents and untapped potential.

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