On January 23, 2020. Netflix released an American adult documentary film titled Crip Camp. The movie explores the history of Camp Jened and the start of the Disabilities Civil Rights Movement in the 1970's. Crip Camp stars and follows the lives of the people who have worked and stayed at Camp Jened, a summer camp for teens with disabilities. The movie stars Judith Heumann, James LeBrecht, Denise Shreer Jackson and Stephen Hoffman who were the campers at Camp Jened. Some will later on help out during the revolution of the disabilities rights act of 1990 like Judith Heumann who led a huge change for people with disabilities. To my opinon It is an interesting story that shows the history, the drive for change, and the overall amazing people who stood their ground to make a difference to those who had disabilities who were the underdogs at the time. The movie was directed by James Lebrecht and Nicole Newnham and executively produced by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

To watch the trailer :

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