Temple Grandin is one of many people who think differently about the world around them. For most people born and diagnosed on the autism spectrum not only sometimes imagine and think differently from one another but have complete variety of skill sets and talents. Temple Grandin is a professor with a degree in animal science not only that she is an autism spokesperson who encourages people to understand autism and help autistic people to believe and use their talents to have a good jobs for themselves. Grandin who uses her knowledge on comprehending the handle on animals especially towards livestock. Here many works help give notice of cattle visual sensitivity and distractions that animals have. Temple wants people to change and challenge the assumptions about having disabilities that you can do whatever you are gifted in and excel in it however you can. Temple is an encouraging hero into wanting to changing mind, changing the assumptions of autism and autistic individuals. For the better.

To learn more : https://templegrandin.com/

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