There are great people within the disability community who are willing to make a difference for others.

Disability Lead is an organization that is dedicated to bringing inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities in Chicago. The organization hosts uplifting and insightful events, they provide leadership training for people with disabilities with a network filled with disability leaders.

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview one of the organization members, Emily Blum.

Emily Blum is Executive Director of Disability Lead and has been a part of many other organizations such as the City of Chicago’s Mayor’s Advisory Council for Women, Fair Fight’s Action Disability Council and Board of Directors for Inspiration Corporation and was named a leader for a New Chicago by the Field and MacArthur Foundations in 2022.

I had asked Emily some questions about herself and the work at the Disability Lead.

Emily’s Introduction Video:

1. What is Disability Lead?

Summary: Emily explains the history of Disability Lead and how it came to be.

2. Why do you think disability and accessibility is important for people to recognize?

Summary: Emily explains that disability is part of culture and there are some negative stigma about disability that hopefully more people should recognize.

3. As someone with a disability do you think you have made changes so far?

Summary: Emily explains that she sees a shift, even though disability has been behind compared to other types of diversity. Disability is beginning to take strides towards more representation and inclusion.

4. What are some amazing things your organization has done over the years?

Summary: Emily explains and gives credit to the amazing people from Disability Lead including member, Commissioner Rachel Arfa.

5. Is there anything you would like to share or any upcoming events hosted by your organization?

Summary: Emily explains how you can find and connect with Disability Lead.

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