There are many restaurants and chefs around Chicago each have their own unique style towards what they make and cook. But one food writer in chicago decides to make a donation organization for people with special needs have chefs create dishes and foods based on what they like and raise money for programs. Food writer Nicole Schnitzler has a brother who was born with autism named Daniel. Daniel always loved food one of his favorite was taking frozen vegetables and have it be mounted with Kraft Parmesan this gave Nicole an idea to create Door Open Dishes a program where chefs can cook recipes that based on the person with special needs favorite foods that then gets a creative touch from the chef that then gets showcased and served in the any of the chef's restaurants. Nicole has always seen programs like Gateway To Learning which provides special education and training for adults with disabilities,which helped her brother foster important life skills also Gateway To Learning even has a culinary skills program and they've been able to help individuals secure jobs in the community. They offer opportunities for those with disabilities to grow and learn. So every month Doors Open Dishes pairs one Chicago-based chef with a person with special needs to develop a recipe that's inspired by the individual's own favorite foods. That new dish then lives on the chef's restaurant menu for a month and the proceeds from that dish go directly to the individual's group home or a workshop. Daniel's Dish inspired by his love of chicken and frozen vegetables was featured in a Chicago restaurant called Cindy's made by Chef Christian Ragano. Nicole hopes to expand Door Open Dishes in other cities in order to raise money for group homes serving those with disabilities all over the country.

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