I really think there are so many ways that COVID-19 has impacted on my life. In the beginning of 2020, I had so many plans and New Year's resolutions. I wanted to go to the Chicago Botanic Garden in the summer, and there were many places I wanted to travel to around and out of Chicago. During the lockdown in March, I felt bored, sometimes sad, and a bit stir-crazy from being at home all day.

Luckily I had a few fun hobbies and ideas to occupy me at home during each month. I even learned a few things about myself during COVID-19 lockdown. Even during the toughest of times, I did my best to keep my hopes up that good things will happen. I tried to give myself good advice, and even shared some with my family. How tough and unpredictable life can be doesn't mean your life is meaningless and awful; sometimes the world can surprise you. Sometimes you get to see the amazing things human beings are capable of. Videos of healthcare workers and doctors being appreciated for their services, SpaceX launch, fun youtube videos of people sharing good news around the world or playing fun video games like Among Us.

By the time the vaccine was available I was a little nervous about getting the shot, but I knew how important it was for people to get it. I hope to lead by example and so I got the vaccine shot and it was not terrible at all! I hope others get the vaccine as well because once you get through the questions and lines, getting the shot is actually pretty quick and easy.

Ultimately right now, I still feel hopeful that things will change for better and COVID-19 will be behind us. The best advice I can give to someone is not to be hard on yourself when your plans change or something bad has happened and you have no control over it. Have fun doing things you love or find things to keep you busy even if you're stuck at home. Never be afraid to reach out to someone like friends, family, or even a professional because it helps you feel better talking to someone. But most importantly please reach out to a medical professional on getting the COVID-19 vaccine. It's important for your health and everyone around you.

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