Make recording student data easier with our new app InfiniTeach Autism Core Skills. You've learned in our previous blog post about its customizable profiles, and now we're excited to share our data features and how our printable curriculum can be uploaded into your student's digital curriculum.

Student Data:

With this new feature recording student data has never been easier. Want to see how your student is doing after completing a lesson? Autism Core Skills automatically collects and graphs data based on their progress. You have the ability to check all of your students progress over weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly data.


Adding Printable Data:

Does your student have printable data that they completed at home? Digital and printable homework lessons are available to be shared with others at home or school to help students generalize the skills they're learning from Autism Core Skills!

adding printable data

Stay tuned for our last sneak peek and get ready for the launch of InfiniTeach Autism Core Skills in October!

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