A Young Cook

Bullies can make life tough especially when you feel powerless against this and other adversity in your life. Hamza knows how this feels. Hamza is a ten years old boy who lives in Marrakech, Morocco. Hamza was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD when he was three years old. Hamza lived a different life than other kids and his mother Khadija had to deal with difficult journeys along with him. Teachers and Students are often have a tough time communicating or even understanding Hamza despite some help from doctors. Hamza was very lonely and teased. Khadija thought of social activities that Hamza would like. Her first choice was cooking and Hamza became super invested into cooking.The kitchen became Hamza's escape room. Khadija became proud and wanted nothing more for the child to be happier and cooking really helped Hamza to learn and with the help with his older brother he soon had a cooking show on Youtube and social media. She said that “You cannot imagine how my boy was when he saw the positive interactions on YouTube and Facebook'. Hamza receives many support and love from his cooking channel. Khadija says that family has a great impact with children with autism and is proud of her son and continues to support him through his journey through life.

To learn more : https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2020/02/294873/moroccan-10-year-old-little-chef-challenges-autism-with-culinary-art/

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