Erik Weber was only two and half years old when he was diagnosed with autism. Once reaching five years old his mother was told that he would have to be placed in a group home because he would continue to have a cognitive skill level that was much younger as he grew older. However, his mother refused to put him in a group home and endured many challenges to make sure Erik received a life full of hope and happiness.

Practicing Special Education Law

After having years of therapy and learning in a center – he regained his language and mobility. Fast forward to today and Erik has not only graduated from Cal Western School of Law, but he has passed the California bar exam on his first attempt. Something not many law students can do. He's now practicing special education law, to make sure that anyone with special needs has the ability to live an extraordinary life and exceed their own expectations. Erik's story is a testament of how he has lived life to the fullest while giving back to the autism community.

Check out Erik's story below:


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