Public areas like museums and cultural centers are growing and learning to be more accessible for people with disabilities like autism. A researcher named Ross Edelstein helps bring more inclusion for people who are visiting museums.

Ross Edelstein has worked with museums in Indianapolis, Indiana. To educate museums about accessibility for not only autistic individuals but everyone to feel more welcomed and included.

We recently sat down to talk with Ross. Here are the three most important things I learned from that conversation:

  1. Providing and recognizing options for people with disabilities.
  2. Making public spaces be more accessible, be more of an upfront concern, Instead treating accessibility as an afterthought or last minute decision.
  3. The challenges of making more areas and people understand disability and the changes need to get more people involved.

I think Ross is a great speaker when it comes to recognizing important issues for the disability community and culture, And it was amazing to hear throughout the whole conversation.

Ross Eldelstein Website:

Listen to the full conversation

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