Myrtle Beach is one of many amazing American tourist destinations in South Carolina where you can travel to have fun doing all sorts of beach activities. Some can find the beach a bit overwhelming but there are efforts being put into changing that. An organization called CAN, which stands for Champion Autism Network, help make places like beaches more inclusive for people with disabilities. The Executive Director of CAN, Becky Large has made a lot of progress towards inclusivity, such as training for restaurants to learn to recognize autism and understanding behavior and providing more sensory friendly movie events.

Karen Riorden is the CEO of Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the Myrtle Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. She is one of the many people that makes sure to look after Myrtle Beach. Riorden understands how vital it is to recognize the many challenges an autism family could face when traveling or taking a vacation. By providing CAN online training to resorts near Myrtle Beach, Riorden hopes to provide more services and offer sensory-friendly events for autism families, especially during winter time or slow days. Together the two services help make Myrtle Beach the most autism friendly destination.

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