Disney's Pixar Animation Studios have produced both wonderful and lovable films and shorts featuring characters that make people laugh, love and inspire them. Combining computer animation and magical storytelling that gives life to great characters and stories worth telling. Disney released their own streaming service Disney plus featuring their live action and animation movies, cartoons and shorts including specific animated short series created by animators called Sparkshorts. One episode in Sparkshorts features the very first non-verbal autistic person in a Pixar short. The short is called Loop. Loop is the story of a thirteen year old girl named Renee who is non-verbal and autistic and enjoys playing with her ringtone on her phone. Renee is voiced by a real life autistic person named Madison Bandy. She is at a camp waiting for a partner for a canoe trip around a lake. One boy named Marcus voiced by Christiano Delgado came late and wanted to do canoeing with other kids but the camp counselor in charge of the canoeing of the lake told Marcus he has to be Renee's partner since she had no one else. Marcus being non-autistic and having no experience with anyone with autism is very reluctant to be with Renee but he had no choice and he joined in the canoe with her. As the two row into the lake you begin to see the world in Renee's eyes. Marcus has trouble communicating and connecting with Renee but the two begin to learn to somewhat understand each other in some way in the end. This breaks the loop of miscommunication and brings a connection. I think this a wonderful short that a great amount realism and relatability about knowing someone is non-verbal or is different but that doesn't mean you can't connect with someone. I think it is really worth watching when given the chance to show a great diverse representation and storytelling about people.

Learn more behind the scene : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dew-zbf9BDE

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