There are many social media websites where bullying has and had been happening. But for one mom who have been standing up against bullying against her daughter disabilities and appearance. Natalie Weaver is a mother to ten years old Sofia Weaver who was born with severe facial deformities and Rett Syndrome . Sofia cannot walk, speak, or move on her own but the people in Sofia's life love her including Sofia's mother who have cherish her their whole life. As a mother Natalie Weaver advocates and supports people with disabilities but unfortunately had to take had to take pictures of Sofia down on Twitter due to the negative consent comments,pictures and videos Sofia's looks and as well her overall disabilities in negative ways so much that it had a devastating effect on Natalie. For a while it did affect her so much that something like these shouldn't be tolerated made her realize that she need to take a stand. Natalie has appeared on national television against changes in Medicaid coverages in North Carolina and continue to promote others who has disabilities even one that are like Sofia's . There are ways to stand up for people who are different by knowing you shouldn't tear others down. And Natalie is continuing to fight for what she believes.

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