All it took was one photo taken by Bryce's mom Stephanie Lay. The photo of her and Bryce's homemade salsa was posted on her Facebook when many of her friends asked for the recipe. After seeing how many people wanted the recipe she started to sell jars of her homemade salsa with her son Bryce.

Bryce is a teen on the autism spectrum who makes cooking salsa an easy process, but this easy process involves Bryce's help regularly. He has truly found an activity that he loves to do. His salsa cooking duties consist of placing the tomatoes and onions on the grill and other tasks that bring their salsa business to life. After more people started to realize how good their salsa was, their business received many local headlines – including awareness from local officials and even their local grocery store! The awareness from their salsa business has allowed Stephanie to also raise awareness for autism.

In hopes of expanding their salsa business, Bryce's mother hopes that one day she can employ adults with autism to help her cook more of their amazing salsa!


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