sensory-friendly clothesSensory-Friendly Gets a Corporate Stamp of Approval

Just last week, Target announced the launch of a new collection of…drumroll please…sensory-friendly Cat & Jack clothes! (If you aren't a Target regular like yours truly, Cat & Jack is Target's signature kids clothing line. Affordable, fun, and now extra comfy for all kiddos!)

I'm excited about this for many reasons, but especially because it was a giant and generally much-loved corporation like Target that made this commitment to sensory-friendly apparel. Sensory-friendly clothes includes no tags, flat seams, and flat or one-dimensional graphics. (Read: less itchy/skin irritating design).

In an interview, Target designer (and autism mom) Stacey Monsen talks about the impact the launch will have on families like hers. “The Target team has immense passion and collective knowledge, and I love that we're using it to develop products and solutions that will change people's lives. My goal is to keep being an advocate, for my daughter and for others,” she states.

In the same interview, Julie Guggemos, VP of Product Design and Development, also talks about the business case for launching the new sensory-friendly line. Using terms like ‘underserved market' and ‘diverse perspectives,' it's clear that Target has done the market research to show the overall impact that this launch will have on the Target brand.

Why should this business case matter to families? My hope is that it convinces other industries to follow suit. Target has done the market research and, in doing so, realized that we – the disability community – are an underserved market with high potential, worth investing in.

So take note – grocery stores, restaurants, retail shops, airlines. We are a strong and proud disability community, and by thinking through the needs of our children, Target is betting that you are going to improve your overall business – and gain a lot of really loyal families in the process!

(For more info on the Target line and the full interview – check here:

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