Photo Credit: Sesame Street

In continuing to celebrate the uniqueness of every child on the autism spectrum, Sesame Street's phase two initiative from last October – “See Amazing in All Children” was just released last week. After receiving positive reviews and feedback about phase one of the initiative. Phase two includes a jam packed video series and more story books to increase awareness and inclusion of individuals on the autism spectrum.

What's new in phase two of the autism initiative?

In phase two – Sesame Street released a new two minute animated short video of their We're Amazing 1-2-3 storybook with Elmo, Julia, and Abby Cadabby. This is the first time we're seeing an animated video with all three Sesame Street characters.

Also in phase two is 13 additional videos that include individuals who are on the spectrum. These additional videos feature parents recording their kids answering simple questions about autism that they want other people to know about. Phase two videos are a great tool to educate people who may not know much about autism.

You can catch two of the videos below:

For more resources, videos, and storybooks created by the Sesame Street initiative. Check them out here!

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