Dance is a well-known art form throughout history that involves physical movement including your arms and legs but these dancers however are changing that belief. Chelsie Hill has always been a dancer even in high school at 17 years old had starred in her high school dance team until a unfortunate car accident changed Chelsie's life forever the accident has cause Chelsie to be paralyzed from the waist down she could no longer dance the way she used to do. She spent a few years in the hospital before she was realise even though the doctors from the hospital told her she would never walk again Chelsie refuse to give up dancing. Chelsie then decided to create a all-girls dance program for wheelchairs The Rollettes. The Rollettes practicing dancing in wheelchairs as partner with other dancers and perform shows and has starred in many news media and videos across the US. Thanks to this program shows that women with disabilities are not limited and are capable of following their dreams and easily dance their hearts away.

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