Whenever I am traveling with my family. I always like to bring some items that will make traveling more comfortable while in an airport or airplane. InfiniTeach wants to help make traveling more comfortable for people with autism and their families by making amazing apps like Navigate MSP, Access HAS for Houston Airports and Fly for All for Alaska Airlines. I would love to share my top 10 list of essential items you need for traveling.

  1. Phone

    When it comes to traveling. It is very important to have your phone. You can use your phone for a variety of things. Like if you have a smartphone you can use the Fly for All, Navigate MSP, or Access Houston Airports apps from InfiniTeach, allowing to prepare and see what is expected at the airport and airplane travel and much more.

  2. Disability Card/ TSA Notification Card

    When traveling you can let airport employees know that you or someone you are traveling with has a disability. Airports can provide people with disabilities assistance and can use a TSA Notification Card to inform airport security personnel about any medical conditions, disabilities, medical devices that may impact security during airport security check. You can learn more on TSA.gov.

  3. ID Card

    When it comes to travel it is super important to have an identification card. Your Identification card or ID for short, helps identify who you are. Airport Security might ask for ID to confirm your identity.

  4. Simple Clothes/Easily Removable Shoes

    When going to airport security. I find it useful to have simple yet easily removable shoes and clothes. So you don’t have to worry about taking your belt off. Other things I don’t wear are any metal like earrings, rings or necklaces. As long as you do what security officers ask of you, It will usually go quickly.

  5. Books

    The best things I always carry with me in a bag are books or magazines. Whenever you are waiting for your flight or riding in an airplane it helps to have your favorite books. Like for me it’s comic books and food magazines.

  6. Electronics

    Whenever traveling you can bring items like an iPad, tablets, or portable gaming consoles like a Nintendo Switch. Once you go through security it is useful for watching movies or playing games to relax while waiting or flying on a plane. It will be pretty useful to download apps or games or use the Fly for All, Navigate MSP, or Access Houston Airports apps for games.

  7. Chewing Gum

    After boarding your plane, it’s ready for takeoff. I always carry some chewing gum to help with the popping in the ears when the plane starts to fly into the air. But just in case you don’t have chewing gum you can always yawn.

  8. Headphones or Earbuds

    Headphones are very useful when flying on an airplane. Whether using soundproof headphones or regular earbuds to listen to music with. Headphones are always good to have.

  9. Pillow

    If you are having a long trip. It is very useful to have a pillow or neck pillow with you. It works well if you need to relax or sleep.

  10. Empty Bottle/Empty Water Bottles

    My final item on my list is empty bottles. Whenever you are at the airport it is crucial to empty any liquids before going to airport security. You can still carry your water bottle as long as it is empty. You can refill the bottle later after you have gone through airport security.

Thank you for reading my top 10 essential items list. If you or anyone you know has ideas for how to make travel easier for the autism community let us know!

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