When it comes to the relationship between family it can help bring out our best selves and encourage us to not be afraid to do things you are good at. Miguel Figueroa is the father of thirteen year old Illiana Figueroa . Miguel knows how much his daughter loves watching YouTube. One day Miguel asked Illiana if she wanted to make a youtube channel. What Illiana said shocked Miguel. She said that she can’t because of her autism. Those very words broke Miguel’s heart and so began the need to change. Miguel wanted to encourage his daughter to make videos together like the ones she likes to watch. They soon changed their basement into one filled with memorabilia like comic books and superhero related toys. They began calling their YouTube channel Toy Quest 101. The channel has showcased many different popular toys and guests like WWE wrestler Matt Cardona as well as some of the writers of the famous X-Men: The Animated Series. The Figueroa's channel began growing more and more and is still growing today. They have over 118,000 subscribers as of right now and are the owners of a youtube play button. The Figueroas have also done volunteer work and to thank them for their community service and toy donations, the duo received the Daily Points of Light Award. The Figueroa family helps encourage people with autism to show how to not let anything hold you back from accomplishing your dreams or goals.

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