It's all about trying something new in 2016! We're sharing a month round recap of autism stories that were trending on social media, or stories that can have a lasting impact on the autism community. Whether the story is inspirational, personal, or resources that could help support the autism community. All of the details are written here!

Here's your recap for the month of January:

1. The Dancing Barista

Sam initially thought he couldn't get a job being a barista, but that all changed when his manager at a local Starbucks believed in him. In this super awesome viral video, Sam shows off his excellent dance moves and soon was given the name the “dancing barista”. His store manager says that “bringing dance to his routines at work really helped focus on settling down some of the movement disabilities he had”. For Sam bringing dance into his work changed his life and offered his life meaning.

Take a look at his cool dance moves below:

2. Autism In Love Documentary Airs on PBS

In this new Autism documentary that highlights and explores different relationships with people on the autism spectrum. Finding love can be hard for anyone, but for someone on the autism spectrum it can sometimes be challenging. Matt Fuller's documentary explores an intimate lens of four people who have successful romantic relationships. The documentary explores the wide range of individuals who have autism while asking the question, “what happens to these children when they become adults and have to live their own lives?” More information about the documentary can be found here and watch an update about one of the couples that was featured in the film here.

3. Holly Robinson Peete to Release New Autism Book in the Spring

Publishing her second book, “Same but Different” Holly Robinson Peete has made a name for herself by being a big autism advocate. Her first book, “My brother Charlie” was written about her son with autism. Inspired by her twin son and daughter RJ and Ryan Elizabeth, her new book is written from personal experiences. More information about the new book can be found in the Kansas City Star.

Catch our next round of autism stories at the end of February! And don't forget to check out some free autism resources for your child or student!

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