There is always something fun to do during the summer, but sometimes for a person with autism, doing something new can be scary. Instead of trying new summer activities, I always preferred doing my own thing such as staying indoors watching movies or playing video games.

My high school in Chicago always does camping trips at a place called YMCA Camp Duncan. The first year I was invited but I said no because I was nervous. I had turned it down at least two more times because I had made plans to do something else and I wanted to stay close to home. But then deep down I thought about making changes in my life, So I set a goal of trying new things and activities. During the month of May when it was time to go camping I was ready to turn it down but I remembered my goal of changing my routine. Even though I was nervous I felt like it was important to try something new even if I end up not liking it.

After some back and forth decision making, I ultimately decided to go. After some time of packing I was ready to go camping. Me and a handful of classmates and teachers all ride a school bus to Camp Duncan. When we got there and finished settling in our cabins I felt a little worried and felt a little bit out of place, but I ultimately did my best to give this place a chance.

Eventually I had fun. I did all sorts of activities like archery, fishing and campfire nights. My favorite was always the campfire nights such as eating s'mores and having fun with my classmates. Even though I didn't do certain activities like rock climbing because I was afraid of heights, I enjoyed cheering my classmates who did climb.

I really think camping changed my life. It helped me to know more about my classmates and to get interested in doing more outdoor activities that I had really fun doing, like fishing. I hope other readers like me will enjoy the summer weather and try all sorts of activities and enjoy as much as you can because you never know what you are missing out on.

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