There are many programs and organizations in the United States that are dedicated to supporting the autism community. One of these programs and organizations is located in Chicago, Illinois. Urban Autism Solutions (UAS) is a non-profit organization located on the west side of Chicago. Urban Autism Solutions (UAS) provides speech-language therapy, social-emotional learning, job training and social events for young adults with autism. Urban Autism Solutions was founded by Julie and Michael Tracy who are parents to two sons, Joseph and John. John has autism.

Many people with autism may face challenges and obstacles that are hard to deal with like finding jobs, social opportunities and mental health needs, making it difficult to transition into adulthood. Eventually Julie and Micheal Tracy came up with the idea to create Urban Autism Solutions (UAS) to help provide more for the autism community. I worked with Urban Autism Solutions with job training as well as attending one of their social events they host at a restaurant. I believe organizations like Urban Autism Solutions are doing an amazing job of providing great opportunities for young adults like me who have benefited from their help. I highly recommend this organization for anyone with autism who needs help finding a job or social event to make friends.

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