Today's free autism resource helps students understand "text speak" - the abbreviations kids use to communicate. Why is this important for student's with autism? It is so important for our students to have an understanding and develop meaning around the way their peers engage and communicate. Having a diagnosis of autism implies social challenges, and the more out of the loop individuals with ASD are with current trends and culture, the more difficult it is for them to develop meaningful friendships.

How to Use The Conversation Hearts Resource:

To use this resource, first go over the "Text Speak Dictionary" with your student. Then, have them fill in the blanks on the worksheet either by cutting out the candy hearts and pasting them in, or writing them in using the dictionary as a resource. You can also create your own questions for further practice and generalization. Once your student becomes comfortable with the vocabulary, encourage them to use it in their text messages. Their family and peers will be so excited to get messages in the way they are used to communicating!

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