Super cute dinosaur alert! This free autism resource will help your students learn AB Patterns while using playful dinosaur pictures. To make, attach the cover page to the outside of a file folder and the page with the circle volcano on the left-hand side on the inside of the folder. Laminate the 5 patterns sheets, and laminate and cut out the dinosaurs. Attach velcro to the back of the dinosaurs (at the top!) and the pattern sheets.

Add four pieces of velcro to the circle volcano, and above the question marks on each of the patterns sheets.

How to Play:

To play, velcro a patterns sheet to the inside of a file folder, and place the corresponding correct answer dinosaurs onto the circle volcano. Students will move the dinosaurs onto their correct places to complete the AB patterns. Once all of the dinosaurs have been placed, the activity is over!
dinosaur patterns file folder explainer-01


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