File Folders are great teaching tool for individuals with autism. Yes, they take more time to put together than a worksheet, but the benefits are well worth it. First, file folders are durable. After you laminate and put together the file folder it will last for years and provide thousands of teachable moments. Second, the manipulative nature of file folders provides a more meaningful and interactive learning experience - perfect for students with ASD. And lastly, by having moveable pieces you can customize the file folder differently each time a student plays to avoid memorization and boredom, and promote generalization.

color concepts file folder

With this File Folder set you have everything you need to make a color concepts teaching activity. Print out all the pages, and then assemble, laminate, and velcro to the file folder according to the photos. Cut out and laminate the manipulatives, add velcro, and VOILA! You are ready to begin teaching. This PDF includes different themes as well: food, vehicles, ocean, princess, and farm. And feel free to print out your own manipulatives to match your students' interests!


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