Back in my teaching days I had a student with autism who was in fifth grade that started making some big gains in reading. He was able to read a lot of common words and we were super excited about his progress. We made him an activity to help him find coupons of common items that he could use to take on our weekly trip grocery store. Except, when he was looking at the coupons he could not seem to read words that we knew he had mastered.

Upon further examination, it turned out the text they used on the coupon circulars was different than the font we taught him - and he could not generalize his reading skills. There are so many of these examples that we fail to think about - everything needs to not only be taught, but taught in a way where it will work in different scenarios. It was a good reminder for me to really think about when a skill is "mastered". It was great that the student could read the activities we provided in the classroom, but not really useful because he could not use it to access the community. This activity will help specifically to help generalize fonts - instructions to assemble are on the first page!


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