Knowing our limits can be tricky. Accurately predicting how much time or mental bandwidth is a challenge for all of us - especially with all of the unknown variables in life. So it is not doubt that at some point our students with autism will find themselves in situations where they are overwhelmed. Today's free autism resource explains the idiom 'biting off more than I can chew.'
These types of situations are actually really positive because it is an opportunity to teach skills that will help one through life. Use this resource to help visualize the pieces in their life that are too big - and then work together to come up with more manageable activities and write them down. Review and revise this sheet often and have it available when stress levels start to rise!
We have a few other free autism resources that leverage idioms to explain social concepts. If you have a student with autism who is prone to taking on more than they can handle, this resource if for you!
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