Happy Friday! So, what kind of things do you get nervous about? Doctor appointments? Giving presentations? Being late for appointments? Individuals with autism have anxiety about things just like everyone else - the differences are their anxiety might be higher and/or they may not have the coping strategies to deal with their anxiety. As we showed in another one of our free autism resources idioms can be a great way to help deal with abstract situations. In this free resource, we have taken the idiom "cross that bridge when we come to it" to help students that are having anxiety about future events that may or may not happen.

To use it, simply read it over with your student, and read through the example. Then, come up together with a list of things that the student can focus on now, and write them in the circles. Then, write the unknown event in the bridge. Whenever your student starts to worry about the "bridge" event, bring out this sheet and have them pick something to focus on today!

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