Stopping is hard. Especially stopping things we love the most. Just one more game! Just one more turn! 1 more minute! So many individuals with an autism spectrum disorder love and benefit from the iPad and other technology. But, getting them to stop and transition away can cause serious behavioral challenges. Since there is not natural "end" to time on a tablet device, it becomes a struggle of wills. Today's free autism resource will help end the struggle.

Gathering the Materials Together:

To use this countdown visual, simply laminate the "open" iPad. Then, cut out the "closed" ipad along the lines, and laminate the pieces and cut them out. Then, add velcro to the back of the pieces, and to matching velcro to complete the visual on top of the "open" iPad.

To use, choose a time that makes sense for your student to begin the transition off the tablet. Maybe it's one minute, maybe it's five minutes. Announce that tablet time is coming to an end by placing one of the "closed" puzzle pieces onto the "open" tablet. Now, with regular intervals, place the rest of the pieces so the student can see until the closed visual is completely covering the open iPad. You may need to prompt your student to get off the tablet, but you are establishing a powerful routine - when it says closed, the tablet is done. This will help your students anticipate, an stop, then tablet time is over!

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