Today's activity is a self-contained, self-correcting sort. The video below was taken during a training we did in Delhi, India several years ago. This activity is perfect for more concrete thinking students with autism that have mastered put-in activities. They are ready to begin discrimination and sorting, but not ready for higher levels concepts like sorting by shape or size.

To make the activity, get a box (shoeboxes work great!) and cover it up with paper if it will be distracting to your student. Attach the lid of the box, or another container, to the top. Next, find two objects that can not fit into each other's holes when cut out. In this case, we used some apples and high interest animal cards. You could also you clothespins and notecards. Be creative! The student will sort the items into the correct holes, and they can not make a mistake. The activity is finished when everything has been sorted.

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