Today for our free autism resource we have another social guide using an idiom to help individuals with autism with common but tricky situations, similar to this one. In this visual, we use the saying "don't cry over spilled milk" to help individuals let go of situations in the past. I have seen many individuals with autism hold a grudge, or get stuck on a specific event from the past. This visual can be used to write out the event, and helps students focus on more positive events.

How To Use This Visual:

To use this visual, read over the sheet along with the example with a student. Then go over the situation that the student is having a hard time letting go. Write it in the spilled milk puddle. Then, write in 3 things that the student can focus on today or in the future that are more positive. Keep the sheet handy at all times - and when the student brings up the spilled milk event prompt them to talk about something more positive that is written down!

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