Do you know a child with autism who struggles to make decisions? This can be one of the hardest skills for our kiddos to learn. I've worked with many individuals who struggle, even as adults, to decide between two things. One student I worked with would often make a decision, but then struggle with letting go of the other option. He would flip flop on his choice so many times that by the end of the day, he was frustrated and hyper-focused on making the wrong decision.

Adding Structure with this Taste Test Activity:

So how can we help these kiddos learn to make decisions? Today's free autism resource adds some structure to making a decision. In this example, we use food – often a great motivator! – to help a child learn to make a decision. Simply follow the steps in the printable worksheet to do a taste test between two items and declare the preferred ‘choice' at the end!

Practicing with visuals like this one and using highly motivated, highly structured teaching tools can help your child learn to make decisions.

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