Let's face it - making activities for individuals with autism takes time. Look at one of the free resources I made today and the second free resource- I spent about 45 minutes on them. Finding the pictures, creating the design, and aligning all the elements. And how long will a student spend? A minute at most? That's why creating materials that are flexible is key. We can't have students memorize activities that take a bunch of time to make.

Piecing Together The Two Worksheets:

So in these two worksheets, which teach the skill of word comprehension, you will write in a word on each dashed line that matches a picture in the box below it. By doing this, you will create a different word each time. Out of one seemingly simple worksheets you have dozens of ways to change it.

And you can also extend it by using thing like capital vs. lowercase letters, or you circle the word and the student writes it! How else could you use these worksheets? Share your ideas!


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