We all know someone in our lives who is a frequent picky eater. For Chase Bailey he was a very picky eater because of sensory difficulties. In order to overcome his challenges he started to host his own cooking show.

As an infant he refused to eat many of the foods that he had to eat in order to become a healthy baby. His picky eating habits started to become a large struggle for him and his family. As Chase started to grow older he started to overcome his picky eating habits when Chase started watching the Food Network. Chase began to watch every cooking channel he could find. His days started to consist of cooking with his mother which helped him try new and different kinds of foods that could help him stay healthy.

Dreams of Hosting a Cooking Show

In dreams of being a chef and hosting his own cooking show. His mother made sure that he was succeeding academically. She created customized curriculums based off his interest of cooking, her lessons allowed him to learn at a better level allowing him to succeed at his own pace. Her self made lessons has allowed Chase to strive academically where he began to host his own cooking show called “Chase 'N Yur Face”. Throughout his show he interviews various guest chefs and teaches his viewers different recipes with popular restaurants.

Because of starting his own cooking show, his motor and social skills have improved by expanding to try different activities and foods. For a child on the autism spectrum finding your passion is sometimes difficult, but through the support of his mother and the determination to work towards an end goal he's ultimately found what he's most passionate about.



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