I had an amazing opportunity to meet and interview Sarah Hezel. Sarah is Vice President of Design and Exhibits for Shedd Aquarium, one of Chicago's famous attractions. I asked Sarah some interesting questions to learn more about what Shedd is doing now and in the future.

How are you adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Summary: Sarah noted that her team showed great creativity and flexibility. Her team was able to carry on their work remotely at the beginning of the pandemic, and have now switched to a hybrid work schedule with some staff on campus and others working from home.

2. What lessons did you learn during the pandemic?

Summary: Sarah talked about the many changes that people are going through, including her and her family, and shared about finding balance through it all.

3. What are some of the changes you had to make at Shedd to help keep people safe?

Summary: This question talks about the changes the many teams that work with Shedd had to make for people and for the animals, including feeding animals during closures and making sure to follow coronavirus protocols such as wearing masks and social distancing.

4. What are some things that visitors should be prepared for when they come back to visit the Shedd Aquarium?

Summary: Sarah and the many teams are making sure people know what to expect. Everything including informing the public of changes, workers wearing masks, spacing out certain areas in the aquarium to keep people safe.

5. What is the best that came out this year despite the pandemic for the Shedd Aquarium?

Summary: Sarah talks about how the penguins have become the ambassadors of the Shedd Aquarium and how the penguins have gotten fans all over the world, not just Chicago.

6. What is the best thing that came out this year for you?

Summary: Sarah explains that the best thing that came out of this year was spending more time with her family.

7. Can you please tell us about any summer plans and events that will be coming this year?

Summary: Sarah explains that since everything is opening back up for Chicago, visitors can experience new things at Shedd.

8. How can people learn more about the Shedd Aquarium?

Summary: Sarah explains where you can find more information on the Shedd Aquarium.

I really want to thank Sarah for doing this interview. There is so much I enjoyed learning about, especially how much Shedd Aquarium and the people who work there put in the effort to keep everyone in Chicago safe and the amazing educational service they provide for the city.

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