Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, students with disabilities were legally required to leave school on the day before their 22nd birthday. These students, who grew attached to their teachers, their friends, and their educational programs, weren't able to transition together. They could not stay to graduate with their friends or receive a Senior copy of the school yearbook. Until now.

In Illinois, Governor J.B Pritzker has given Special Education students can get both a second and longer chance at education. The new law signed by Governor Pritzker allows students that have aged out during the pandemic to finish the rest of their academic year. The law also allows students who turn 22 to stay in school until the end of the school year. This law gives students extra time to receive the education and therapy they need, allows them to graduate with their peers, and helps those that aged out during the pandemic make up for lost times.

I believe that this law helps now, and would help in the future in case another worldwide event impacts a student's education. I am glad this law was made and hope new laws and opportunities will be made for people with disabilities around the world.

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