As a startup we hear many things about great company culture. It's an important asset that your company can provide because it uniquely shapes your business and sets the tone for your entire team. Sure, you can say that playing foosball, trips to a baseball game, or an impromptu Fiesta Friday lunch is a part of company culture. But as a company that's invested in providing the best iPad app to help kids with autism, it's important to give back to these kiddos in more ways than one.

Last Friday, the Infiniteam was fortunate enough to volunteer with a group of summer camp kids at the Chicago Park District who were on the autism spectrum. It was one of the first times that our two app developers have spent time with kids who have autism and my first time seeing how wide the spectrum is. While we were supposed to help the teens garden Friday morning, we ended up helping them paint three park picnic benches. After helping the kids paint the benches we stayed for a wild and fun game of “human-sized” hungry hungry hippos.

Even though it was different from the professional setting that we're used to, it gave us a chance to reflect and give ourselves a greater sense of why we do what we do – but also grow closer as a team.

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