We have a fun group game for today's free resource! This emotions bingo game is perfect for individuals with autism because it uses the same model, wearing the same clothes for all of the emotions. This is important because it helps individuals with autism pay attention to the salient information, the facial expression, in each photo. Several years ago I had a student playing a similar game and the boy for "sad" happened to be wearing a hat, and nobody else was. The student with autism I was working with associated "sad" with wearing a hat.

To play the game, simply hand out the bingo cards (laminate everything if possible for durability!) and cut out the calling cards. Show them one at a time and have the students use erasers, paper clips, or something else to mark off the emotion that was called. The first student to fill their card is the winner! This a great way to get students playing together and build important emotion vocabulary and recognition skills.


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